LFA Tai chi


The current participants in the "beginners Tai Chi" class are making good progress and are moving up. The previous " NEW starters " enrolment that took place for people who  had not tried Tai Chi before, or maybe in need of a refresher course was very successful.

(classes are now full) Next enrolment of new starters might be September 2019. Those interested can phone Vic on 866912 to put their name on a waiting list.
For those who wondered what TAI CHI is, but are too afraid to ask, let me enlighten you. Tai Chi is primarily concerned with helping you to improve your health and well being regardless of your age and ability. It involves a series of repetitive gentle exercises that you as an individual feel you are capable of. If you can't do it, don't do it, it's not a competition. Learning Tai Chi should be a pleasure and you will learn a sequence of moves which you can practice as this helps movements flow in a harmonious way. 


At first progress may seem slow, but you will be surprised at how soon the sequence grows, alongside your ability to follow instructions more readily. Tai Chi helps you to relax, strengthen the heart, improve lung capacity, balance and may reduce blood pressure. Because you are continually shifting your weight from one foot to the other, your leg muscles are constantly contracting and relaxing, which helps pump blood round the body. It encourages good posture and is good for gently increasing flexibility of the joints. It's an effective form of exercise and if you're interested in learning more then have a word with Vic on tel. no. 01482 866912. Unfortunately enrolment is now closed for this season but we are taking names for a shortlist for maybe September 2018 or February 2019.

tai chi class beverley memorial hall

We are currently running two 1 hour Tai Chi classes on a Monday morning:
at 9:20  and 10:30 am, see calendar for dates. (classes are currently full) Next enrolment of new starters maybe September 2019 or if still Full then February 2020.