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Some of our old newsletters, (minus "what's coming soon" & the pictures.)

Beverley Leisure Group newsletter - March 2019

Dear Member

On 25 January 2019 we had our AGM. This forum gives members the opportunity to find out what's been happening in your club over the last twelve months and for you to ask questions of the committee. It was a disappointing attendance considering a membership of 203 members and that it was advertised in the last newsletter. If it wasn't for the usual bridge players, art group and coffee drinkers there would have been few there. Okay Andre, I know you have trouble with the buses. Maybe we need to advertise better, who knows?

Anyway, as I've said membership at 203 was up to slightly on the previous year and finances remain in a healthy state thanks to the stewardship of June our treasurer.

Fees for the current year are to remain the same for all events, with regrettably the exception of Line Dancing which will be raised by 50p to cover overheads. Everyone's still getting a really good foot twirling afternoon with a great bunch people, being guided by the ever present Hilary for only £3!

Your Committee always welcomes members queries.


Beverley leisure group newsletter - Jan 2019

Dear Member,
Another year passes and Beverley Leisure Group is still here to entertain you. We've now over 200 members enjoying Tai Chi, Bowling, Line Dancing, Trips, Tea Dances, Bridge, Art and Coffee Mornings. Now I know everyone doesn't do everything but there are one or two who have a good go and get the most from their membership. Don't you Alan! Long may it continue.

We do have a particular problem to do with Line Dancing though. There is a requirement in hiring the Hall that there is a Committee Member in attendance at all events. There is a reluctance by members to get involved and join the committee and since Ann's' decision to stand down we don't have enough committee members to cover this event indefinitely. Our options therefore are limited. Ideally we would like a volunteer from a Line Dancer to come on to the committee, which isn't onerous and if anyone is interested I would be happy to have an informal chat about it. Consideration could be given to increasing the Line Dancing fees so that a caretaker could be in attendance, but what do the Line Dancers feel about that. Let us know. The last thing anyone wants is to stop what is a popular and enjoyable afternoon.

A date for your diary is the Annual General Meeting on 25th January 2019. It's an occasion where you the membership can listen to what's been happening in your club, see where your monies have been spent and can put any questions to the committee about the running of the club.

In closing and on behalf of the committee of the Beverley Leisure Group I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Cheers, and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Beverley Leisure group Newsletter - Sept 2018

Dear Member,
Well we're back and hope you're all raring to go, be it bowling, dancing, card shuffling or just sipping the coffee and nibbling the biscuits. We hope you enjoyed your holidays and our little soiree with the Summer Luncheon. Feedback has been positive and whilst we probably cannot do the Luncheon every year we could well do it again in the not too distant future. That being said our annual Christmas Party is now in the planning stage so get the 7 December in your Diary, This is limited to members only and is a thank you for their support to Beverley Leisure Group throughout the year. We'll let you know when tickets become available.
Finally, and on behalf of the membership I would like to thank Mrs Anne Bird, who has for the past 12 years, opened up the Hall, taken the fees on a Wednesday afternoon and supported the Line Dancers at our Committee Meetings. She has kept us abreast of numbers attending, notified us of any problems (not that there has been many) and been extremely supportive of the line dancers generally ensuring even at the Christmas party that they are given their fair share of "air time", Unfortunately for us she has now called time on her career in the line dancing field but continues on the Committee as the Membership Secretary. Thanks Anne, from me personally as a friend, from the whole committee and I am sure the whole Membership. Does anyone fancy a new career? We have a vacancy on the Committee. Your Committee and membership needs you.

Beverley Leisure Group newsletter - June 2018

Dear Member,
Following changes to the Data Protection Act we asked those that received the newsletter by email whether they wanted to continue to receive it in this way. Surprisingly of the 50 or so emails sent out only 5 responded. Consequently, unless we are notified otherwise only those 5 members will receive future newsletters in this format. However it's never too late and if you want to receive the newsletter electronically please email
Most of you will be aware that we unfortunately close down our activities during August each year. We do this because our events become financially untenable due to the holidays. Many of you older members become babysitters whilst school are off and it's the most popular time of year to have a break.
So go on, make the most of it and have a great time, come back refreshed ready to start Bowling, Dancing or enjoying a coffee or two.


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - March 2018

 Dear Member     
Would you believe Spring has sprung, no me neither. However despite the poor weather so far this year we must plan for the sunny future. There will be one someday I am sure. To that end Maureen is provisionally booking a day out, initially for a meal at Whiteheads Fish Restaurant in Hornsea followed by a few hours of shopping at the Freeport. If you're interested please let her know. Go on, spend your spouses' money. If you haven't got one, spend your friends. Are you reading this Bob and Gwyneth.

As you all know, on a Monday afternoon we have short mat bowling in the hall commencing at 1.30pm. It is always hoped that we can start at this time however due to late arrivals we often have to change around the playing order and wait for those people to get changed whilst everyone is waiting to get started. May I ask that the bowlers arrived at least 15 minutes early so we can start on time. It would be greatly appreciated by the majority, thank you.

The Committee of Beverley Leisure Group are aware of its responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and wishes to reassure members that when you complete the Membership Application Form that no information supplied will be divulged to any third party.


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - Jan 2018

Dear Member, 
Firstly, let me wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy new year and hope you all had a really good time over the festive period. It certainly started out well, with 95 of our members hopefully enjoying our Christmas party on the 8th December. Smiling happy faces, good food, plenty of dancing and just having a great time, that's what it's all about. You the members make it that special occasion and if you didn't come, well you missed a treat.
So on to 2018. Our usual events carry on throughout the year although we do hope to run a few more trips/outings. Unfortunately a few organised trips during 2017 had to be cancelled, in part due to members initially indicating they were going, paying their deposit and later changing their minds. Frustrating for Maureen who organises the trips but with so many cancelling, the trip sometimes doesn't become financially viable. Although we do not profit from the trips we organise, and cost them to break even, we cannot make consistent losses either. So our apologies for that but hopefully we can start afresh and get something going soon. If you have any ideas for a trip, get in touch and we'll see if there is any interest from members and see what we can do. Good ideas always welcome.

Beverley Leisure Group newsletter - Nov 2017

Dear Member,
It's that time of year again when thoughts turn to our, eagerly awaited and never to be missed, Christmas Party. Due to the undoubted success of last summers' 10th anniversary celebrations, we have tweaked our usual Christmas "do" a little to incorporate the things that appeared to work very well. These include having the bar open, (Yippee, I hear the Line Dancers cheer) which means we don't have room for the usual tombola so no begging appeals for prizes this year (hurrah, say the coffee morning crowd). Instead we'll have a raffle with several really good prizes (great, say the indoor bowlers). Food and hot drinks served at your table by your committee. Now, to gain entry to this popular members only free party, tickets will be available to collect personally from Monday 6th November at any of our events. I'm sure everyone will have a great time, they usually do!
McMillan Coffee Morning,
The coffee morning crowd, the bridge group and the tea dancers will be aware that we recently held a coffee morning to raise funds for the McMillan cancer charity, as we now do each year. I am pleased to announce that this year we have raised some £147.45 for this worthwhile cause. A magnificent achievement I think you will all agree, but it couldn't have been done without the wonderful effort of the bakers and in particular that of Hope Bedford. She puts so much love into those cakes and buns. Thank you Hope, thank you all.

Beverley Leisure group newsletter - July 2017

Dear Member,
Well, we've had our bit of a do to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day so for those who didn't come, you missed a treat and will have to wait for our 15th.
Alan did a great job in leading the line dancers and his services will no doubt be called upon again. Sequence, old time dancing and elimination waltz, good food, bar, great raffle prizes, sing song and a lovely celebration cake. With HU17 magazine capturing all this for posterity. For those interested, the pictures can be viewed online at www, A word of thanks to Annette and Hope and staff for their efforts in making it a successful day.
An update on club membership. We currently have approximately 175 members enjoying what we do. Some engage in several of our activities and are getting the most from their membership. It's good to see and we certainly welcome and receive feedback which we try and act upon if any suggestions have merit. One such suggestion was regarding our tea dances. Some of our older and past members stopped coming as they are not as mobile as they once were but miss the music and friendliness of a Friday afternoon. To that end we have decided that you would still be most welcome, at a reduced rate of £1.50 to come, have tea and scones with us, listen to the music and have a good afternoon out. So Ron and Pat, no excuses, when the time comes, you'll always be welcome.

Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - May 2017

Dear Member,
As I mentioned in the last newsletter we’ve been in existence for ten years now and your committee felt that this occasion needed to be recognised for the achievement it is. We started off with little money, great intentions and a lot of enthusiasm and with the support of the people of Beverley and surrounding areas the club goes from strength to strength. We currently have some 180+ members enjoying our varied range of events. Our most popular and well attended event is our Christmas Party so if that’s what you the membership really enjoy, we thought we’d mark our special occasion with a similar do. So on 23rd June we’ll have a bit of a party with music, be it old time, sequence or line dancing. There will be food, tea or coffee, raffles and our elimination waltz and it will be entirely free for past and present members. This is a membership event only to say a big thank you for your past, present and future support. If you are interested in helping us celebrate then put your name down on the list which is being circulated at each event as it will be ticket only. There will be no tombola but if you have something to donate that we could use as a first prize in a raffle that would be great. A speed boat, car, Caribbean holiday for two, I am sure you get the gist, and I will say a big thank you when I win it. It’ll be much appreciated, honest. Come on make it a day to remember, it’s your club, use it and enjoy it.


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - March 2017

Dear Member,

Well it’s the first newsletter of the year and you’ve all had time to recover from the festive period so welcome back to what is our 10th year. Yes, ten years since Beverley Leisure Group was formed and we’ve certainly come a long way in that time. I think it can be regarded as a great success and that is due in no small part to two members who have served on the committee from the start in 2007, so a great big thank you to Anne and June. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t do something special to mark this landmark so watch this space and we’ll see what we can do. We wouldn’t be were we are today without your support, so here’s to the next ten years.
Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets for our Christmas Hamper which was won by Margaret Allsop. A total in excess of £135 was raised to boost BLG funds.
St George’s Day falls on 23rd April, which is a Sunday this year, so we’re going to mark the occasion by celebrating at our tea dance on the 21st. We’re asking people to come along dressed with a red and white theme and gentlemen, yes, bring your own dragon if you can but there are bound to be a few spare available to dance with on the day. They’ve been known to dance with each other too. New faces are always welcome at our tea dances so why not give us a try. See you there.


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - November 2016

Dear Member

Christmas comes but once a year, and once again your committee is planning this year’s Xmas Party Dance extravaganza for members on 9th December. Tickets are available for members personal collection at any event after 14th November 2016. We’d also like a bit of help with items for the ever popular tombola. Have you a brand new 52” flatscreen TV you’d like to donate? Then please see the chairman, for any other unwanted gift you’d like to donate, please see any of the committee. We promise you something a bit different this year, not a lot, but a bit, so come on and get your tickets, you could, just could, have fun. For those who can’t make it let me on behalf of your committee wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
On 24th November we’re running a trip to Meadowhall for all you members, in order for one of you to purchase that flatscreen TV for the Chairmans Christmas present, sorry I mean the tombola. It’ll be all decked out for the season so should be a good day out. There are still one or two seats left on the coach, so if this is for you please contact Maureen on 865813.
A date for your diary. The Annual General Meeting is planned for 10am on Friday 27 January 2017. As usual there will be no Coffee Morning, Art or Bridge Group until the meeting is over. Please be there, it’s your club and it’s your chance to find out the what’s been happening over the past year.


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - July 2016

Dear Member

Well, it’s that time of year again, where the committee go on their holidays and close Beverley Leisure Group for the month of August. If only it was true! The longer serving members amongst you will know the reasons for the closure but for the benefit of the newer lads and lasses let me explain.

It’s the school holidays shortly, and for the many members who have grandchildren will know, grandparents are often burdened with the joys of baby sitting. Consequently, numbers attending our events drop significantly making many of the events not financially viable to run. In other words, as a club we would lose money. So, we have a break and come back refreshed, raring to go in September, or it’s what we hope for!

Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - April 2016

Dear Member

Many members will receive this newsletter after the AGM which is being held on 22 April. For those who either plan to, or did attend a big thank you, and we hope you find/found it informative. If you have any questions please feel free to talk to any of the committee.

From time to time we have guests from outside our immediate area attend our tea dances. They include Goole Solo who boost our numbers and help to create a great atmosphere with a full dance floor. Roy and his friends are always welcome.

As some of you will be aware the Hall was closed for the week after Easter so that the floor could be refurbished. It certainly looks good and it’s up to us all to ensure we play our part in looking after it. Can I ask you all to take care when moving tables and chairs, that your footwear is suitable for the activity you are doing and have nothing on the soles and heels which may scratch the floor.


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - Jan 2016

Dear Member

It’s the first newsletter of the year, so a big Happy New Year to everyone and hope you’ve all had a great festive period. Certainly our Members Christmas Party seemed to go down well with many joining the regular line dancers and tea dancers in having a great time. It was good to see so many left feet from the coffee morning regulars! I wasn’t referring to you Josie and Joan, honestly, I wasn’t, I wouldn’t dare now, would I?

The raffle of the giant teddy bear at the Christmas Party was won by Ken, one of our keenest tea dancers. He can now be seen regularly waltzing the floor, bearing all, with this new partner, much to the relief of his wife.

Well, our usual events are now underway and it’s pleasing that we appear to be carrying on where we left off in 2015, with good attendances throughout the week. Just a gentle reminder that it’s membership renewal time so if you haven’t done so, please have a word with Anne.

Unfortunately we had to postpone the Annual General Meeting which was due to be held on 29th January. Rest assured, this not to be missed event, will be rearranged for a date in the not too distant future. In the meantime if any member has a query then feel free to have a word with any of the committee.

Beverley Leisure group newsletter - Dec 2015

Dear Member

As this is the last newsletter of the year, it falls on me, on behalf of the committee, to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and invite you all to our Christmas party on the 11th December. This, as usual, is a free event and a way of thanking you the membership for the support you have given Beverley Leisure Group over the year. Unfortunately due to the size of the hall numbers are limited so we will be issuing tickets to individuals in person from Monday 16th November. To ensure you get yours please collect them from Anne at any of our events over the coming weeks. Hopefully all who want to attend will be able to.
At the party will be the usual tombola, sequence and line dancing, spot prizes and of course food and drink. The success of the tombola rests entirely on the kind donations of members, so if you have any unwanted presents or gifts they would be gratefully appreciated and accepted by the committee.

On the 29th January 2016 is our Annual General Meeting which commences at 10 o’clock. The Constitution of the Group states we hold this each January and it gives you the membership the opportunity to hear what we’ve been up to over the last year and question the committee on any concerns you may have. The usual Coffee morning, art and bridge groups will commence immediately afterwards. It’s your club so your attendance is important and appreciated.

On a sadder note, and regrettably, we’ve had to call time on the Sunday afternoon short mat bowling sessions due to a lack of numbers attending. The old adage “use it or lose it” applies, resulting in it not being a viable proposition..

So another year is coming to an end. Best wishes to everyone, hope you have had a good one and the next one is even better.


Beverley leisure group newsletter - Sept 2015

Dear Member

Well it’s nice to be back after the August break and we’re raring to go, hopefully all 219 current members, now that’s a record.
A new Tai Chi Class started on 14 September with 10 people joining us for this popular event that now attracts approximately 32 over the two sessions. Our first Tea dance after the break saw 41 of us tripping the light fandango with the welcome visit of friends from Goole adding to the atmosphere. It’s always great to see a full dance floor so come again soon Roy and co.
You can now have a coffee on a Friday morning with occasional music provided by our very own David W on the organ. He plays many of your favourite tunes, hitting all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order. Boom Boom. Reminiscent of the late Les Dawson, so I’m informed.


Beverley Leisure group newsletter - June 2015

Dear Member

As many of you will know we’ve unfortunately had a few members pass away over the last month. I must mention these members as they were long serving and all contributed to our events in their own inimitable way. The first, Jeanette, was a founding member, and was not only our Treasurer but the driving force of everything we did. Her passing will be particularly missed by the committee and her many friends. John (Jock) McNicol was a regular until recently at the bowling and the tea dances. He was always very smartly turned out and always cheery despite his failing health over the last months. Barry Holmes attended with his wife, Kathleen, at the Tai Chi classes and enthusiastically entered into the spirit of the themed tea dances. They will all be sadly missed by their friends at the Beverley Leisure Group and we pass on our condolences to their families.

The committee has had to do a bit of reorganising and June is stepping into the breach as our new Treasurer. This will hopefully be ratified at our next AGM in January. She has warned us that that with the many holidays she has planned that there may be no funds left by that time. All of the committee has pulled together in these difficult times but we’re sure we’ve got everything covered. I’d like to thank them personally for their support.

As usual we will be closing during August. For the newer members the reason for this is the fall off in numbers at our events making them unviable. This is primarily because of summer holidays, and for a lot of you, babysitting of grandchildren during the school break. Anyway we’ll all be back and refreshed ready to start again in September. Your continued support for Beverley Leisure Group is important and for this I thank you.

Beverley Leisure Group newsletter - April 2015

Dear Member

We’ll start of this newsletter by congratulating Ina Allen on winning the giant Easter egg raffle. Thanks to all those who entered and helped raise significant funds for the club.

Our bridge group doesn’t often get a mention but June must be putting something in the coffee because the numbers attending are growing significantly. We try and accommodate this with more biscuits but George just can’t help himself, or rather does, to most of them. Only joking!

I know the Line Dancers are a strong part of our membership and don’t get much of a mention for which I apologise. I don’t know much about it so come on you lot, give us a clue? I suppose I’ll just have to mosey along and find out what you’re up to.

Ray and Diane our Tea Dance DJ’s are moving to pastures new by emigrating to Bedfordshire. They have been with us for around 6/7 years and did more than just play the music. They were often on the dance floor with those that didn’t have a regular partner and played their part in making our tea dances a success. In appreciation of their efforts they were presented with a beautiful glass vase from the members and we wish them well for the future. Thanks to you both.

Beverley Leisure Group newsletter - February 2015

Dear Member

Well it’s the start of a new year but didn’t we round off the last one with a cracker. For the 110 members attending the Christmas Party it was, judging by the feedback, a popular event with something for everyone. The raffle for the bumper Christmas Hamper was drawn at the event and was won by Jill Ibbotson, a Tai Chi regular. She can no longer say “I never win anything”. Another prize on the day was the elimination waltz, perfectly executed by Maureen and Tony Campey. All we need to do now is to persuade Tony he’s a natural and should turn professional by coming to the tea dances.

On 30th January the Groups AGM was held and was reasonably well attended. The Chairman and Treasurer gave their reports and explained to members that we remain in a strong and healthy position with a steady growth in membership, with finances sufficient to hope that there will be no rises in event fees for the foreseeable future. Hurrah!

Speaking of finances, may I remind everyone that it’s time to renew your membership if you haven’t already done so.

Lastly may I take this opportunity to thank you the members for your continued support and help in making the Beverley Leisure Group the success it undoubtedly is.

Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - December 2014

Dear Member

On behalf of your committee of June, Anne, Jeannette, Marion, Maureen and Vic, may I thank all our members for the support that has been given to our events during the year and wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We round off that year with our Christmas Party so, depending when you get this newsletter, I hope you either have a great day or have had one. A big thank you to all who donated gifts for our tombola. We’ve certainly a huge number and variety of prizes to make that a success and I can’t help but hope that David W wins and enjoys wearing the ladies slippers. Only joking mate!

 A date for your diaries, and that is our “Annual General Meeting” will be help prior to the Coffee Morning, Art and Bridge Groups on the morning of
30th January 2015. It’s an annual event that must be held to comply with our constitution, but more importantly it gives you, the membership the opportunity to question the committee on how the Beverley Leisure Group is being run.

A reminder to the short mat bowlers that in addition to the Monday afternoon sessions we also have, during the winter months, Sunday bowling.

Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - July 2014

 Dear Member,

It’s that time of year when we have our summer holidays and we have that August closedown of Beverley Leisure Group. We’re hopefully going off with a bang with our Yorkshire Day Tea Dance. Now this is one not to be missed! In later years you can say to your grandchildren, you were there. There to see the bunting and flags, tasted everything with a Yorkshire theme, raffle prizes associated with God’s own county. Someone may even sing “On Ilkley Moor” if we can persuade someone daft, I mean worldy enough to do it. Real Yorkshire Tea at a Tea Dance what more do the peasants want. Make sure you don’t miss this one. Can’t dance, don’t worry neither can most of the so called dancers (Ooops I’m in trouble). Just come, listen to the music and have a good time.

The outdoor bowling season will soon be coming to an end so we intend to resume our indoor short mat bowling sessions on a Sunday afternoon from 12th October. Come along and give it a go, all equipment provided, all you’ll need is flat soled footwear. If you want to know more then don’t hesitate to contact any of the committee.

There are a limited number of places in the beginners class at Tai Chi starting in September. If you’re interested please contact Jeanette on 888006.

Lastly, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank one of our regular coffee morning people. She has always been supportive of the club and arrives every Friday by taxi for a coffee and a good old chin wag. She may not be as mobile as she once was but by heck she has a heart of gold. You see, we don’t buy many biscuits at Beverley Leisure Group for the bowling sessions, tea dances and coffee mornings because she regularly brings a carrier bag full of packets of them with her on a Friday. So on behalf of everyone, thanks Penny, you’re a star.

First Aid Training
As a group we take the responsibility for our member’s safety very seriously and consequently three of the committee recently undertook a basic first aid course with the St Johns Ambulance Service. Marion, Jeanette and Steve are now better prepared to assist members if needed. If anyone has any questions please ask.

Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - May 2014

Dear Member

Spring has sprung and summer is around the corner. Unfortunately for Beverley Leisure Group the number attending events drops off significantly during August as our event instructors and members take well deserved holidays, or are child-minding during the school holidays. The long and the short of it is that events would lose money if there are insufficient members to support the cost of renting the Hall, payment of instructors etc. Consequently like previous years the group will be suspending activities during August returning as usual in September. We as your committee regret this action but as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, as a non profit making group we cannot afford to make a loss either. We know it’s early but thought we’d let you know of our intentions.

That being said we do intend to hold a Tea Dance on Friday 1st August. Well it is Yorkshire day! So despite June thinking we should all wear our red roses (Grrrr), we’ll leave our whippets tied up outside and our ferrets at home, remove our cloth caps upon entering (please ensure you do Alice and Barbara as we’ll be watching) and maybe have real Yorkshire Tea for the interval. We’ll stick to scones and jam though as Vic’s suggestion of jam butties may prove a little messy for Ann and Alan. We may even run to a “WHITE ROSE” for those attending to celebrate the occasion. So come on you dancers make sure you’re there!


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - March 2014

Dear Member

     Welcome to the March edition of your newsletter which many of you are receiving electronically for the first time. Having trawled the membership lists it was apparent many of you could receive it this way however if it’s not for you just respond to the email and I’ll unsubscribe you from the mailing list.

     With the refurbishment of the Hall now complete the Trustees of the Memorial Hall are hosting an “Open Day” and relaunch event on 29 March from 1pm till 5pm and have asked the regular hall users such as ourselves to have a stall showcasing what we do. The idea is to promote the Memorial Hall and show the people of Beverley and surrounding areas what a wonderful and versatile building it is now that it has been brought up to the standard necessary to host events in the 21st century whilst not forgetting its heritage.
       It is often a perception by the public that the Hall belongs to the Council when in fact it is run by an independent charitable trust. The rent Beverley Leisure Group pays for running our events helps to pay for the upkeep of the hall.
     If you are in the area on Saturday 29th March pop in to see us, have a look at what other hall users are doing, introduce a friend to the BLG.

      In the meantime a quick round up of our activities:

Tai Chi – Both beginners and improvers classes are full so we’re not looking to take more people at this time.

Indoor Bowling – Healthy numbers with usually six people on each of the four mats.

Line Dancing – Maintaining record numbers.

Coffee Morning, Art & Bridge Groups – Always room for more.

Tea Dances – Attendances steadily improving on same period last year.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Ken, one of our members who has kindly produced a short film of the groups activities which will shortly be available on our website.


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - January 2014

Dear Member

     Well I hope you’re all glad we’re back and with our full programme of activities I’m sure we’ve something for everyone. The cost of running our events doesn’t come cheap however, and Beverley Leisure Group has to pay its way when it comes to renting the Hall and covering its other unavoidable overheads. Consequently and regrettably we have had to raise prices for Tai Chi, Bowling, Line Dancing and Tea Dances from £2 to £2.50 for members and £3.50 for non members. This is the first time we have had to increase fees since the club started some 7 or 8 years ago and over the past year we’ve had to dip into our reserves to keep going. Whilst overall the financial state of the club gives no real cause for concern I am sure you’ll agree we couldn’t continue indefinitely making a loss. It is genuinely felt at this time that there will be no further rises in the foreseeable future. These increases will come into effect from the 1st February 2014. Annual Membership fees, which are now due, remain unchanged at £5 per annum.

     The annual Christmas party seemed to go down well, with the committee receiving many favourable comments. We try and make it bigger and better each year and we as a committee are learning what works and what doesn’t, so that feedback is important. The tombola was as popular as ever with many of the prizes being donated by the members themselves so a big thank you to those that contributed. We’re always grateful for those unwanted birthday and Christmas presents!

     Tai Chi has got off to a really good start in 2014 with a full beginners class that started on 13 January.  That’s some 38 people taking part in what I’m told is gentle exercise. (Looked tortuous to me and I bet they wished they hadn’t over indulged over Christmas).

First week back and we had 32ish at Line Dancing. Where do they get their energy? Many of this happy bunch has also joined the Tai Chi and Tea Dancers over the past year. It’s great to see people getting the most from their membership.

Maureen’s making a real good go at the trips. Burton Constable Hall saw a recent visit by members to see the Christmas decorations at this beautiful stately home. Next up is “The Mousetrap” being performed at the Hull New Theatre on the afternoon of the 6th March. There are still a few places left on the coach but you need to be quick if this interests you.

Tea Dance numbers are staying relatively steady with the occasional boost from groups such as Goole Solo.

Short Mat Bowling has it’s regular 20+ members attending on a Monday afternoon and they always seem to be having a really good time. The 12 or so who attend on a Sunday don’t do bad either.


Beverley leisure Group newsletter - November 2013

Dear Members

By the time you receive this Newsletter the Memorial Hall building works will be completed. At last I hear you say! Well after weeks of not knowing which door to use to get in, you do now. It’s the front. Yahoo. Being serious for a moment, I think you’ll agree it’s now looking great and a fitting home for Beverley Leisure Group. Now use it. There’s much to cover in this edition so let’s get on with it.

Annual General Meeting

At 10am on Friday 24 January 2014 the Beverley Leisure Group will hold its Annual General Meeting. This is an important opportunity for the membership to receive updates from the committee on the health of your club. Topics covered include Chairman’s and Treasurers Reports, election of officials and gives you the membership chance to raise matters important to you.

The meeting is usually relatively short and will be followed by the usual coffee morning, art and bridge groups. Your views are important to us so please come along, hear what we have to say and express you views.

Trips and Outings

The trip to the Yorkshire Air Museum was enjoyed by those who went. Certainly much to see, spread over a very large area indeed. I’m told the NAAFI was very popular.

We’ve a full coach going to MacArthur Glen for the Christmas shopping experience. To all those hunting for those Christmas bargains, Good Luck

I know Maureen is looking at arranging trips to the ballet at the New Theatre for next year. There are a few being held so it’s just a question of which one would be most popular. Have a word with her if you’re interested.

Line Dancing

Continues to be well supported. Start times have changed to reflect recent amendments to bus timetables.  Perhaps these changes better suit your needs. New members to this friendly bunch are always made to feel welcome.

Finally, on behalf of the committee may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - September 2013

 Dear Member

I’d like to welcome everyone back to the Memorial Hall after our August break and hope you’re all eager to resume your particular activities. Unfortunately a lot of the modernisation works due to take place whilst we were closed were delayed, so please bear with us, we’re as frustrated as you are and are trying our best to work round the problem. The front access will hopefully be resolved within the next few weeks.

Nevertheless, we’re off to a good start. The new LFA Tai Chi beginners’ class has attracted several new members and I’d like to welcome them to the Beverley Leisure Group. We now have over 30 attendees at the two classes on Monday mornings. The first tea dance held since returning also showed promise with numbers up slightly. This in part was due to some from the Line Dancing and Tai Chi groups coming along and giving it a go. It’s great that members are getting the most from their membership.

We plan to resume the winter short mat bowling programme commencing on 20 October. Unfortunately there can only be four sessions this year as the Hall is booked most Sundays for other events. Hopefully in the new year they will be more regular. Can I take the opportunity to remind participants that assistance in clearing away the equipment after bowling would be much appreciated by the volunteers responsible for running the event.

We’ve recently had a bit of a splurge on the advertising front to promote our activities by putting notices in the Beverley Advertiser and other local publications as well as Radio Humberside’s Morning Show. However nothing beats word of mouth so tell your friends, everyone’s welcome. The more the merrier as they say. For those interested we have about 180 active members.
A date for your diaries, the Christmas Party, for members only, will be held on Friday 13th December. Not yet, but later, we’ll be taking names for those wishing to attend this popular event. Unfortunately ladies, Vic wishes it to be known he is allergic to mistletoe!           


Beverley Leisure group Newsletter - June 2013

Dear Member

Welcome to June’s edition of your Newsletter. Firstly a reminder that as usual we have no events organised during August. For those new members who may not know, regrettably attendances drop off during that month due to a variety of reasons such as holidays, childminding during the school break etc, which make events financially unviable. Additionally during that month further works to the hall are planned to take place. These include a new disabled ramp and steps to the front entrance, an electronic door entry system, replacement of some external doors and windows, mock glass windows to the brick arches to the front elevation. All being well the majority of  this last phase of the planned improvements will be completed by the time we return in September. Fingers crossed.

For the Monday short mat bowlers I have been asked to request that you get to the Hall by 1.15, as the majority do, so that bowling can commence at 1.30. Currently bowling is starting ever later as some people tend to arrive after teams have been drawn and consequently valuable bowling time is spent rearranging things and occasionally having to get more equipment out. We only have the Hall until 4pm so time wasted earlier on encroaches on the time members can actually bowl. Thank you for your cooperation and especially to those who help to put things away at the end of the session. It’s much appreciated.

After a slow start the beginners Tai Chi class is attracting new members, both male and female, with 15 – 20 now coming for the 9.20 start on a Monday morning. This is particularly pleasing and a great addition to the regular fanatics who attend at 10.30.

Due to increased demand we’ve got a larger coach for the trip to Ampleforth Abbey on the 20 June. There are now 39 of us going to sample the delights of the apple orchards with the cider and brandy tasting. Oh yes, and touring the abbey and grounds. How silly of me to forget that bit. A reminder for those booked on the trip that pick up is at 9.30 outside the magistrates court.

On 14th June we welcome back to our Tea Dances a group from Knottingley and hope they have a great time. It certainly creates a better atmosphere for the dancers when the Hall is full of people strutting their stuff.

Ray and Diane our regular comperes and musical arrangers are going on an American adventure and are unavailable for our tea dance on 28th.  I’m sure they’ll have a great time and so for one show only we have Don Roberts entertaining the dancers with his organ music. Don is well known on the dancing circuit so come along and dance to “live” music. A first for the Beverley Leisure Group.

Remember if you’re in Beverley on a Friday morning call in for chat with a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits. At 50p it can’t be bad and a friendly crowd will make you feel welcome. We’re open from 10 till 12 but I suggest if you’re thinking of coming get there early before Josie, Joan, Les, Jock, Val and Geoff have scoffed all the chockie biscuits. Sorry folks couldn’t resist that one.


Beverley Leisure group Newsletter - April 2013

 Dear Member

I started the last newsletter by saying hopefully spring was on the way and we had seen the last of the snow. Well I got that wrong big style. We live in hope, well I do!

The Beginners class for Tai Chi has been reasonably successful with several new members. However, we’re happy to welcome more if you, or anyone you know is interested, just come along for a 9.20 start on a Monday morning.

It’s now a year since we have had the fourth mat for the bowling on Monday afternoons and I’m pleased to confirm we have satisfied the terms of the National Lottery Grant by increasing the numbers participating, so the return that we have to do will be winging its way to them shortly. We also hosted a group from Kirkella in March for a friendly game of bowls and it proved an entertaining afternoon.

As some of you will know, we’re running a trip to Ampleforth Abbey on 20th June. This came about after they had seen our website and offered a tour of the orchard, cider mill and Abbey. The day out includes lunch and the important bit….., tasting the free samples of ciders, beers and brandies. However there is only a few places on the coach left so if you’re interested give me a ring on 01482 888006.

We welcomed a group of dancers who arrived from Goole by mini bus to one of our recent tea dances. They found our dancers very friendly and enjoyed themselves so much that some indicated they were thinking of joining the BLG and coming by car on a regular basis. We could certainly do with a few more to help create that special atmosphere you need for dancing. The Tea Dancers will know what I mean.

Beverley Leisure group Newsletter - February 2013

Dear Member

Well we’re well into the new year and hopefully spring is on its way and we’ve seen the last of the harsh weather of snow and biting cold winds. I’d like to thank those members who battled the elements to attend our events and showed true bulldog spirit. The support of members is so important if we are to continue to provide events at the Hall. A big thank you to all.

We’re doing our best as a committee to promote these events and recently have taken to advertising on Radio Humberside so keep an ear out for us on your local radio station. Other things we do which you may not be aware of is that we distribute copies of our Newsletter to places such as the Tourist Information Centre, and by email to other organisations outside the membership as well as entering and updating details on our website of We have posters in supermarkets in and around Beverley, and intend to produce and leave fliers at all our events so that members can take them away and perhaps identify places within their communities they can leave and encourage new members to join us.

A general round up of our events include:
Tai Chi, which has recently started a new class for beginners and continues to attract growing numbers.
Line Dancing continues to be a popular event with a steady but growing membership.
Coffee Morning, Art and Bridge Groups continues to do well.
Tea Dances could do with a few more attendees to be as successful as we would like so spread the word.

As usual we are to reduce the short mat bowling activities to just Monday afternoons from the end of March. Numbers attending historically drop off on a Sunday when the outdoor bowling seasons starts so becomes less viable for us to continue. It’ll be back again for next winter all being well.


Beverley leisure group newsletter - dec 2012

Dear Member

It’s that time of year again, the season to be jolly, yo ho ho, so on behalf of the committee may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Our AGM is to be held on 25th January and some of our committee members have served their time in office. I’d personally like to thank Jeanette, June and Rosemary for their dedication to the Beverley Leisure Group over the years. Some of these are prepared to put themselves forward for re-election but we do need more Committee members to not only help with our many events but to bring new ideas and thinking to the Group. If you think you have something to offer and want more information or an informal chat about what’s involved then please give me a ring on 888006.

A new beginners class of Tai Chi will be commencing in February, at initially an earlier time than the main group depending on how many are interested. Are you, or do you know someone who is? Then contact Jeanette for more information.
It’s nice that following the recent building works at the Hall, we are back in a routine with numbers at most events now growing, particularly the Tai Chi, Line Dancing and Short Mat Bowling. The Tea Dances in particular need support so if you know of anyone keen on dancing ask them to give our dance floor a whirl. They’re a real friendly bunch and everyone’s made to feel welcome. With a raffle, bingo, tea and scones it really is a good afternoon out. Give it a try.


beverley leisure group newsletter - sept 2012


Dear Member

Well folks, as you can see from the events diary we’ve got a full and active programme over the coming months. We’ve published December’s events earlier than usual so that you can put the date of the Christmas Party in your diaries. Remember its members only. We’ll be taking names later. But not yet!
Returning on Sunday afternoons over the winter months is short mat bowling and June is asking for volunteers to help her set things up on the day. Think you can help then let us know.
A new beginners Tai Chi class started a few weeks ago which has certainly attracted quite a few new members, with some existing members giving it a go too. It’s pleasing to see a few men trying it out with Vic (of two left feet fame) really getting enthusiastic. The beginners class is now full but hopefully we’ll run another in January.
Twenty Six of our members recently enjoyed a trip to Bridlington Spa with half enjoying a quiet paddle before gorging on fish and chips with the remainder enjoying a luxurious lunch in the Spa Restaurant with the staff really laying it on and making us feel really special. The show was full of variety with, singing and dancing. A Tina Turner turn was particularly good and I understand our very own Joy Forrest is willing to do her own impression of Tina at one of our tea dances. Go for it Joy……….. On second thoughts! The day was a great success particularly for Les who found his specs after losing them there in March. Now he can actually see the ladies he’s always chatting up, much to the envy of Jock who just hasn’t got the patter of Les the master lothario. Maybe not, but Jock’s a sure footed dancer and great bowler. Trouble is it’s usually at the same time!


Beverley Leisure Group Newsletter - July 2012

Dear Member
I think you’ll all agree there has been significant improvements to the facilities in The Hall of late and we’re back to holding our regular events, although due to priority Hall bookings, holidays of either instructors or members we’ve had to temporarily curtail some activities.

We’ve had many recent requests by people to join the Tai Chi classes and as a result we’re starting a new beginners class on 10th September. If you fancy giving it a go you’re very welcome, so please feel free to come along and join this gentle form of exercise with our fully qualified instructor. Unfortunately due to the complexities of this activity it is always considered best that beginners start as a group and learn together as it’s impractical for the instructor to be teaching the moves of Tai Chi to individuals who come ad hoc as she would be spreading her valuable time too thinly, to the detriment of other members. If you’d like more information please contact Jeanette on Tel No. 01482 888006

A group from Knottingly had seen our activities advertised on our website, made contact with Rosemary, and as a result was welcomed to our tea dance on 6th July. To have approximately 65 dancers in the Hall created a smashing atmosphere on the day and the organisers of the coach party expressed their appreciation for being made so welcome and hoped they would be able to return sometime in the future. The success of the afternoon was due in no small part to our regular dancers who warmly received our guests ensuring they had an enjoyable afternoon. (Their words not mine). A big thank you to everyone.

Now Marion does a wonderful job of arranging the trips, whether it is to the Theatre, a Stately Home or as of late to Whitby and the North York Moors Railway. However, these trips can only be successful if they are financially viable and for that we need the support of you our members.


beverley leisure group newsletter - may 2012

Dear Member
Welcome to May’s edition of your newsletter. I’ll start off by thanking all those that attended the recent Annual General Meeting. It was fantastic and encouraging seeing such a good turnout despite the Hall not looking it’s best with the ongoing work. For those that couldn’t make it the Group continues to thrive with membership up on most events including Tai Chi, Short Mat Bowling, Line Dancing and Trips. Turnover was up some 30% leading to a profit for the year of approximately £500.

As you are all aware we aim to cover our operating costs and profits are not the driver, therefore prices for attendances at our events and activities remain fixed for 2012 at £2 for members and £3 for non-members. Membership fees are reduced to £4 for the remainder of the year to take account of the unavailability of the Hall over the past few months. Committee Members are now accepting renewals so feel free to seek them out at your convenience before they come a hunting.

The refurbishment of the Hall is not quite finished but we’re nearly there. The majority of the work will be completed by the time you get this newsletter with the main hall having a new heating system, new lighting, new roof and decorating nearly completion. The Gents WC has been refurbished with the Ladies WC on the first floor due to be completed soon. The new kitchen is being installed at the beginning of June so for those tea guzzlers amongst us, bear with us, and Rosemary and June will be catering for all your needs and normal service will soon be resumed.

Trips Report
Now Marion does a wonderful job of arranging the trips, whether it is to the Theatre, a Stately Home or as of late to Whitby and the North York Moors Railway.
However, these trips can only be successful if they are financially viable and for that we need the support of you our members. Regrettably we have had to cancel one or two because of a lack of take up. It’s for that reason we’re asking for your help. Where would you like us to arrange a trip. We will be canvassing your opinions over the coming weeks and perhaps asking you to fill in a short questionnaire of trip suggestions and ask which ones you favour in order to gauge interest.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact Marion on Tel No. 860219 or any of the committee who will be happy to put your suggestions forward.


beverley leisure group newsletter - march 2012

Dear Member,
Well it’s been a few months since our “Christmas Do” and the subsequent closing of the Hall for its long awaited refurbishment. I am pleased to say that at the time of writing it is planned for the Hall to re-open in mid April. There will be some minor tasks still to be completed, such as the installation of the new kitchen and some electrical work, and it is for that reason your Committee has taken the decision to wait those extra few weeks before resuming to ensure everything is just right and we have no further disruptions.
I’m happy to report that the costs of the initial refurbishment was significantly less than was originally planned and as a result that not only will the Hall have a new roof, new boilers and heating, new and improved lighting to main hall, complete kitchen replacement, there will also be a refurbishment of toilet facilities, new front doors, installation of a hearing loop, replacement of stage and hall curtains, improvements to disabled access and replacement double glazing to some windows. I think I’ve just about covered it all. The facilities on offer to not only Beverley Leisure Group but to the people of Beverley and surrounding areas will be first class and certainly an improvement on what was had before.
Some of our events have continued whilst the Hall has been closed and these include, Tai Chi, Line Dancing and some Trips and Outings. May I take this opportunity to thank the organisers of these events and welcome you back to the Hall.
We would normally have Beverley Leisure Groups Annual General Meeting in January, however it has been impossible to do so from the Hall this year. It has therefore been rearranged to take place shortly after the Hall reopens on 27th April 2012 and all members are encouraged to attend. It’s your chance to have your say and to ask your Committee any questions you may have about the running of the Group. The last two years Statement of Accounts will also be available and be explained at the meeting.

Membership Fees
There are two elements to the income raised by the Group in order to carry out our events and include the annual membership fee and the cost per event attended. These fees have remained unchanged since the Group was set up several years ago and I have pleasure in confirming there are no plans to increase the costs to members at this time. Beverley Leisure Groups finances are in a healthy state at the moment and it is recognised that the Group is not one set up to make a profit. As long as we have the memberships support for the events and we cover running costs such as hire of the Hall, Instructors etc then fees can remain at current levels.
Annual Membership fees for 2012 are to be fixed at £4 and not £5 as last year, to reflect the time the Hall has been closed.
So Ladies and Gentlemen get your purses and wallets out and renew your membership by contacting a committee member. In fact tell your friends; we’ll have their money too. Remember events for none members are £1 more so join and save!

Lottery Grant
I am pleased to announce that a successful application was made to the National Lotteries “Sport for All” and under their small grants scheme we were successful in our bid for £1,585 for additional indoor bowling equipment. This equipment will be ordered shortly.

Trips Report
Marion arranged successful trips to the ballet in February to see Swan Lake at the New Theatre in Hull and more recently “Broadway meets the West End or West End meets Broadway” (can’t remember which) at the Spa Theatre in Bridlington and was enjoyed by everyone. I think the highlight of the Bridlington trip for many was the exceptional 3-course meal in the dining room. The staff at the Spa certainly do us proud and really look after us as a group.

Many of our indoor short mat bowlers enjoyed a couple of Sundays out at Hornsea Indoor Bowling Centre arranged by June. A bit different to what many were used to but feedback was positive and we await more such visits especially with the Sunday lunch that follows.
What is it about you lot and lunches!

Next and back by popular demand is a trip to the Harrogate Flower Show on 26th April 2012 at a cost of £26 each which includes coach and entrance fee. Last year a full coach of 52 members enjoyed this day out where you could browse the latest developments in garden plants and equipment and pick up some good bargains along the way. 


beverley leisure group - newsletter november 2011

Dear Member
Well it seems we’re back with a bang. It’s great to see so many new faces at our events, especially at the Tai Chi, Line Dancing and Indoor Bowling. The Group was initially set up to ensure there was a need for the Hall, for the people of Beverley and surrounding areas. I think we’ve established that, and therefore I would like to thank everyone for their continued support whether you’re a member who attends our events or not. Yes, believe it or not there are a few who are willing to pay their membership fees annually even though they do not attend events, because like us they feel the Hall is an asset that shouldn’t be lost to Beverley.
A Bit of a Do

We’ve fixed the date for our Christmas jolly for Friday the 9th December, so if you wish to attend please inform a member of the committee so that we know how many we are catering for. There will be a restriction on numbers, so it will be members only at this event, but we hope to be able to cater for all those wanting to attend. It’s our way of saying a big thank you for your support throughout the year. As usual the afternoon will be a mixed bag of Sequence, Ballroom and Line Dancing, with spot prizes, tombola and the like. Oh, and any unwanted gifts/donations that we can use for the tombola will be greatly appreciated.
Short Mat Bowling

Unfortunately for Beverley Leisure Group, the Hall has taken a long term booking for Sunday afternoons, which has resulted in the winter Sunday bowling being curtailed. We have therefore arranged for an extra session on Friday afternoons when there isn’t a tea dance and hope this will go some way to satisfying the need during the winter months for this popular activity.
Refurbishment Works to the Hall

Works to replace the roof, electrics and heating system is likely to commence very early in the New Year and will result unfortunately in the Hall being closed for approximately 6 weeks. As soon as we are able to we will give you more details. It is intended to continue with the newsletter during this period so we can keep you informed and we’ll get it out to members either delivered by hand, by post or email.


beverley leisure group - newsletter August 2011

Dear Member
As you can see from the “Diary of Events” we’re just about back to our full programme after most have taken their holidays. It’s always regrettable to reduce the activities of the Beverley Leisure Group but unfortunately we have learned that historically attendance drops off during August each year and as such we have a job making events pay their way.

An addition to the regular events is the return on Sunday afternoons during October of Short Mat Bowling. A few years ago following a successful grant bid to the Sports Council we purchased 3 mats with all the necessary equipment including spare bowls. So if you want to give it a try, come along, you don’t have to bring anything but yourselves and everyone has a really good time. The bowling takes part in a friendly atmosphere and no one takes it seriously. As many bowls end up off the mat as on. Don’t they Sue!

A few of your Committee attended the AGM of the Trustees of the Memorial Hall so we could ascertain the latest news on the future refurbishment. I can confirm the available money has been released and work can now go ahead. However this has to be planned, with up to date competitive tenders being sought and work programmed in. The main areas of work include a new roof and electrical rewiring and upgrades to toilet facilities. It is expected this work will commence in the spring of next year and it does seem to be dragging on a bit but I can assure you that behind the scenes work is progressing. We raised on the members behalf the problems of day time parking and were promised that this will be looked at with the Trustees making representations to the East Riding Of Yorkshire Council to see if the garden to the right of the Hall can be converted to a car park.

Over the last few weeks many more of you of you have taken up the option to have your Newsletter delivered electronically which is great.
Let me know if this is for you at

Beverley Leisure Group was initially set up to ensure the maximum use was being made of the Memorial Hall. I think we’ve helped to achieved that and established the need for such a venue for the benefit of the people of Beverley and surrounding areas, and I wish to thank everyone for their fantastic support.

In early September we intend to take out a quarter page advertisement in the Beverley Advertiser to promote the Groups activities and hopefully attract some new members. It’s always healthy to have new blood into the membership and a few more attendees at some of our events will help the group thrive and grow.

Beverley Leisure Group - Newsletter June 2011

Dear Member
Welcome to June's edition of your newsletter. Unfortunately as you can see from the Diary of Events we have had to curtail our activities over the next few months and this is for a variety of reasons, which is worthy of explanation.
Traditionally over these months attendance at events have dropped off to such extent that the Group cannot sustain the financial loss when the hire of the Memorial Hall costs more than the income generated by events. Holiday arrangements of instructors and committee member's also has an impact which results in an unacceptable level of work hosting the events for those volunteers still available and lastly, sometimes the Memorial Hall is booked by other organisations. So reluctantly we have had to cut down a bit. However we'll be back to our usual happy routine in September.
On a positive note, work on the refurbishment of the Memorial Hall is due to start over the coming weeks which we are informed should not impact on our events too much. A new roof, rewiring of the electrics and redecorating should ensure the future of the Hall for many years to come and offer Beverley Leisure Group an improved venue for its activities.

The Bridge Group who meets on a Friday morning is appealing for new members. Perhaps you've not played for a while, well you're still very welcome to join this friendly bunch for a game which is played in a light hearted and not too serious an atmosphere. Something I might give a go myself!

A few of you have taken up the option to have your Newsletter delivered electronically which is great, but oops, I missed part of the email address off the last edition. To confirm, it's
Let me know if this is for you.

Marion does a wonderful job on behalf of the Group organising the trips and outings. However we would appreciate some feedback and ideas on where you, the members, would prefer to go and if there is enough interest we'll see what we can do.

Trips Report
Harrogate Flower Show was well attended and a great success on a nice sunny day. A prize-winning display from the show is the subject of our front cover. Many of us came back laden with plants and flowers and the latest garden gadgets. Better luck next time Tracey, perhaps you'll get that ice cream after all.

The Humber Bridge Walk in May was certainly a mixed bag with the hardy few crossing the bridge, others venturing along the foreshore and some just happy to have a coffee in the nearby Café. Unfortunately the weather wasn't ideal with some heavy showers, however it didn't appear to dampen anyone spirits. They're a tough lot these walkers.

Other trips being looked at to gauge interest are, Chatsworth House, Brigg Garden Centre, Monks Cross, York for shopping and I'll make a suggestion of Eden Camp which may be of interest to those old warriors and fly by nights Jock and Les. Let us know what you think.

LFA Tai Chi
A new beginners class of this popular form of gentle exercise and relaxation is due to commence in September. If you're interested in this activity held on Monday mornings please contact Jeanette on 888006.

beverley leisure group - newsletter april 2011

Dear Member
Welcome to spring and your favourite read that tries to let you know about what's happening and going on with the Beverley Leisure Group. To keep you informed, representatives of the Committee were asked to attend a meeting between the Hall Trustees, Hall Manager and Beverley Councillors to discuss the proposed funding and improvements to the Hall. We reminded those present of why the Group was set up, what we do, the negative effect on membership numbers with our temporary move to St Nicholas's last year and how much an asset the Hall is to the people of Beverley. Being back at the Hall has resulted in membership recovering and we obviously want that to continue. There is funding set aside for the Hall improvements and the work costed and all that remains is for the Council to release that promised money. At the end of the meeting it was felt that the Trustees had the support of the Councillors who would approach the necessary committee to get the funds released so work can begin. We'll just have to wait and see, but we are assured that once the work commences the Hall itself will be closed for a relatively short time and disruption to our events should only be for a matter of several weeks. We'll keep you informed.

As more and more of us are becoming computer literate those silver surfers amongst you who would prefer to receive your newsletter electronically we have now set up our own email account.
To request a copy please email:
Using this method of communication saves the Group time, effort and monies in print and postage, however it's not for everyone, just an option for those who want to use it.
In fact if you have any queries, suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us either through the email address or in person at any event.

Trips Report
The trip to Harrogate Flower Show has still to take place, however, with 38 members booked to go on the 14th April it's sure to be a success. Here's hoping the weather holds.

Sixteen of our bowling fraternity had a good day out at the Hornsea Indoor Bowling Centre. It's different from Short Mat as some of our newer members soon found out! Sunday Lunch to follow, what more could we ask for. Well Marion and Les would have liked more than one roast potato but that's life when you're at the back of the queue.

There's a stroll booked for the Humber Bridge area on the 26th May for those with surplus energy to burn. This is becoming an annual event, as it's so popular. Work up an appetite before lunch at the Toby Inn at Willerby. Some will be coming just for Lunch, won't they Anne? There is no pressure to keep up on this one, take your time; it's a stroll to be taken at your own pace. For coach and pick up details contact Marion on Tel: 860219

Remember instead of counting your days, make your days count.

beverley leisure group - february 2011 newsletter


Dear Member
Since the last newsletter Christmas has been and gone and we're well into the new year, and what a start it's been. Now we're back at the Memorial Hall it's marvellous to see so many members renew their membership and the increased numbers attending the events so far certainly gives those on the committee a boost to see such support.

The AGM in January again was well supported and a new chairman duly elected. I do get roped into things! Steve Scrivener is my name and I will endeavour to serve the members of Beverley Leisure Group to the best of my ability. I hope to circulate and meet as many of you as possible in the near future and I can be contacted on tel 888006 if any members have any issues about the Group they wish to discuss.

Well, spring is nearly here and the flowers will soon be blooming. Marion has certainly got into the spirit of things and arranged a few outings that I'm sure will be as popular as ever. The first is a trip to Burton Agnes Hall to enjoy the Snowdrop Walk on 1st March and will cost around £10 per person.

The second is to the Harrogate Spring Flower Show on 14th April. This event proved very popular last year and so we've hired a large coach this time too. After the Committee mentioned this trip at some of our events it is already half booked. Now this is a really, really good day out so if you are interested please contact Jeanette in the first instance on 888006 and reserve your place whilst you still can. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Cost of £25 per head includes coach travel and entrance fees. Even I may go to this one.

Unfortunately Marion, who always does a sterling job arranging these trips is out of action for a few weeks following hospital surgery but will hopefully be back leading us on the coach to Harrogate. Get well soon kid.

A suggestion put forward by a member is for the formation of a Craft Group. The idea is to get like minded people together, to do such things as quilting, knitting or in fact anything crafty. We need to gauge interest and ask if this is for you then come to the Friday coffee morning on 18th February and we can discuss dates and times to best suit.

Trips Report
Some of you lucky people had a grand day out at the New Theatre on 3rd February to see the Sound of Music, starring Jason Donavon. Despite the big name star, evidently the Mother Superior stole the show. See what you miss if you don't take advantage of your membership. A day out with singing nuns!

More days out planned soon so watch this space and get your names down for the Harrogate Spring Flower Show and the Snowdrop Walk at Burton Agnes Hall.

Membership Subscriptions
Gentle reminder folks, the renewal of Membership Fees for 2011 are now due. 

beverley leisure group - newsletter december 2010

Dear Member
Well, it's the season to be jolly and we've certainly something to be jolly about. Wait for it.. Yes we're going back to the Memorial Hall from January 2011, Hurrah. As you all know we tried to plan in advance and moved to St Nicholas Community Hall in anticipation of the modernisation of the Hall taking place in early 2010. You also know that didn't happen so we've arranged to go back in January until such time as the refurbishment takes place. These works are on a smaller scale than the modernisation plans, and at this time the committee doesn't know when these will actually take place but will probably be in late spring, early summer. We intend to play it by ear and probably suspend the activities of the Group for a few weeks/months while the work goes ahead. We'll lry to keep everyone informed through this newsletter.

We must take this opportunity though to say a big thank you to Terry, the manager of the Community Centre at St Nicholas for his help and assistance over the past twelve months. Without the facilities offered at St Nicholas we would have been homeless and would have had extreme difficulty in continuing as a group. So thanks Terry.

Secondly, we would like to thank all the members who supported us whilst we have been away from the Memorial Hall. Again without that support we could not have continued.

We appreciate that for some, the Community Hall at St Nicholas's was not an ideal venue, in that it was away from the town centre and not as easy to get to by bus and too far to walk for others. Nevertheless we hope to welcome everyone back to the Memorial Hall in the New Year.

It's the Annual General Meeting of the Group at 10 o'clock on the 21st January 2011 at the Memorial Hall and all members are encouraged to attend as it's your chance to put questions and suggestions to the Committee. The Committee is there to serve the members, and we are appealing for volunteers to serve on that Committee. We welcome new ideas from people willing to get involved. Interested and want to learn more? Any of the present Committee will be happy to discuss.
An agenda for the meeting will be drawn up shortly and is available on the day. The Treasurer will also be giving a report on the Groups finances for the year.

Trips Report
A visit to Harewood House in October for 16 members was reported to be extremely enjoyable despite the showery weather which evidently did not dampen the group's spirits. The house itself was fascinating with a wealth of things to see, as was the gardens with the trees displayed in all their autumn glory. Another trip may be arranged in the spring or summer, so that providing the weather is better we can include a stroll and perhaps a picnic near the lake.

November saw the ever popular trip to McArthur Glen Designer Shopping Centre, near York. Despite the terrible weather with snow and the bus going to the wrong shopping centre, the 17 members on the trip all still managed to grab a bargain or two.

beverley leisure group - newsletter october 2010

Dear Member

Well it appears work still has not started on the refurbishment of the Memorial Hall and we understand it will be some time before it actually does. This has proved extremely frustrating for the committee who have worked extremely hard in ensuring we could continue as a Group during the proposed closure. After all it's why we moved temporarily to St. Nicks in the first place. The committee are now reviewing the options available, which includes returning to the Memorial Hall early in the New Year and just see how it goes. We welcome your views, so let us know what you think.

A round up of what's going on around our activities includes:

Tai Chi  The new beginners class has commenced and attracted a few new starters. Its' not too late if you want to give it a try. Ring Jeanette on 01482 888006

Line Dancing  Again, some welcome new members to join our regular dancers.
Contact is Anne on 01482 679505

Short mat indoor bowling on Sunday and Monday afternoon has a regular loyal following with new members recently joining. Contact Jeanette on 01482 888006
At a loose end then come and meet our "Jack"

Tea Dances  Now summer's at an end it's time to trip the light fantastic, glide across the floor, like Fred and Ginger, or Brian and Maureen as friends call them.

Coffee Mornings, Art and Bridge Group  A band of people who enjoy a good old natter over a hot drink. It's good to talk! Just ask Jock and Les. You can even have tea instead of a coffee. Now how's that for variety and excitement. June makes a really mean brew, and I really mean, but Rosemary keeps her under control!