Beverley Leisure Group was originally set up in 2006 to ensure that the maximum use was being made of the Beverley War Memorial Hall.
It has helped to achieved that and has shown the very real need for such a community venue to the benefit of the people of Beverley and surrounding areas of Molescroft, Woodmansey and in general the East Riding of Yorkshire.

This is The History Timeline

In late 2006 the Trustees of The Beverley Memorial Hall decided that they wanted the local community to make greater use of the Hall, especially during the day.

To achieve this the Trustees placed an advert in a local newspaper inviting the public to an Open Forum at the Hall in order to discuss its future use. 50 to 60 people attended the forum and were asked to come forward with ideas, after much discussion Richard Kemp (chairman of the Trustees) then asked for volunteers to form a committee to be responsible for organising events “to make use of the Memorial Hall during the day”.
A number of people approached the Trustees offering their services; Anne Bird, June Hutton, Jeanette Jenkinson, Peter Bristow, Betty Cooper, Carole Johnson, Trevor Lee, Celia McAllister and Jean Richardson, a date was agreed for an inaugural committee meeting.

The agenda for this inaugural committee meeting on 23rd November 2006 was titled: “The Beverley Memorial Hall Society” at this gathering the name became the “Beverley Leisure Group”, officers were chosen, and the first events arranged.

Beverley Leisure Group’s first official event was a Tea Dance on Friday 7th December 2006.

Bingo Sessions, Coffee Mornings and Whist-Drives soon followed, then came the group’s first monthly member’s meeting with a speaker (Dorothy Taylor) who gave an illustrated talk on the Women’s Land Army

By May 2007 the BLG had enrolled its 100th member (Mavis Newton) and continues to go from strength to strength.

These images are from long ago, before the Hall's refurbishment.
a busy friday at beverley memorial hall, coffee morning, art and bridge groups, plus a tea dance.
 A lot going on at the Beverley War Memorial Hall on a Friday:-
Coffee Morning, Bridge & Art Groups, plus an afternoon Tea Dance.

Beverley Leisure Group - list of activities banner at the Memorial Hall.
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This is what the Beverley Memorial Hall is all about: we remember those who died in wars to defend our country and our communities, it is due to the fallen that we have the freedom to live & enjoy ourselves in the way we choose.
names of beverley men killed in war 1914-1919

The image of the War Memorial Plaque and the subsequent transcription of the names, rank & regiment of the Beverley and East Yorkshire men who died in The Great War are placed here for the benefit of family members tracing their family history, genealogists, military researchers & local historians. Use in your own research or family history or publish on your own free website / publication - but please, the image or names should not be used to earn money. (not on a subscription website or website where people pay to download information or a commercial book) These men died to defend their King, Country, Town & families, not to earn money for some future entrepreneur.