Welcome to beverley leisure group

This is the group to be with if you want to keep yourself active and out in the community. As you can see from the menu of activities on the left we have quite a range of "things to do" some may excercise your body, others may excercise your mind. Then of course there is always the Coffee Morning where tongues are excercised in a friendly chatty atmosphere. (It doesn't have to be Coffee, we also serve Tea ! )
And you don't have to do every thing on the list, it's perfectly OK if you only fancy one or two of them.
We are a friendly informal bunch that just like to help each other enjoy ourselves and socialise.
Why not have a look around our website to see if anything takes your fancy, then click "membership" or "contact" for a phone number and have a natter.

Ken Lawson, one of our members, has very kindly made the following video of some of our activities.


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This year Beverley Leisure Group celebrates it's 10th Anniversary, so keep an eye open here for news of our special Anniversary event. 
Tai Chi classes are now full. Possible new enrolment in September or maybe February 2018.